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Shyv's news post.

2013-09-19 12:42:49 by Shyv

Welcome to my page!

My name is Shyv (pronounced as 'shiv').

I've had this nickname for years now after misspelling shiv in cement while it was drying up. A few teachers I know call me that too, which I find somewhat amusing. lol

Aside from that, I am a classical music composer and a hardcore gamer. If I'm not doing any of those, I am most likely playing Ultimate Frisbee.

That's enough about me! What about you folks? I hope to become familiar with your names as soon as possible.

~ Shyv


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2013-09-19 17:58:16

hi there


2013-09-20 03:51:57

Welcome to Newgrounds! I guess a fair bit of the socializing here happens in the BBS, but folks are always glad to see comments on their blogs (so long as you behave) :) So what games are in your current rotation? Console or PC?

Shyv responds:


I'm a PC gamer (can't stand consoles).

Currently playing League of Legends, TF2, Rome 2 Total War, and Minecraft.

What about you?


2013-09-20 12:59:20

Do you plan to become a bbs regular?

Shyv responds:

We will see. What's up?


2013-09-20 16:18:43

My last console was a PS2, then I got real PC (my previous one was extremely old), then that PC got shorted out... now I'm on a 10 y/o laptop trying to play the newest flash games here like Road of the Dead 2. I guess I'm into 1st and 3rd person shooters, a few racing games... still trying to figure out how far I'll go in making a new PC (have to build one, it's a guy thing...)

Shyv responds:

You could probably run a couple of Age of Empires games. Urban Terror might work too.


2013-09-21 00:02:46

Vicarious should play aoe 2 with me!

Oh and nothing just playing tf2

Shyv responds:

I have AoE 2!! we should play on steam ;)


2013-09-21 00:45:18

Aww... nah, I don't usually go for online gameplay. Maybe deep down, I'm weirded out about blasting real people, and not AI or bots. I liked AOE, but settled on beating the demo, back in the day.

Hmm, I did do a few rounds of UT and Lost Planet, why do folks take it personally when you kill them? Damn. It's probably just me being genetically emo. I'm doing this just now First one was good too :)